AENY: Andrew Kramer from Video Copilot coming

After Effects luminary Andrew Kramer will be coming to NYC to do an evening of AENY on March 26th.  Click on the AENY meetings page for all of the details.  If you haven’t been to an AENY meeting or seen Andrew do his thing, than this is the one to go to.  Read on for some details.

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Pre-Keyed Footage from All Bets are Off

Aharon must be working a double overtime behind my back, because the last time I checked, he had a new baby, was workin’ his tail off for All Bets are Off Productions and running the AENY group on the side.

Now, I find out that he’s published a collection of pre-keyed footage?  That’s not strange is it? Well, what if I told you it was over 45,000 clips, with 500 actors and search options galore!  All right Aharon, out with it, have you perfected human cloning???

Check out this great resource – I’m sure I don’t have to speak about Aharon’s quality or his commitment to an excellent product.  I even saw the word ‘free clips’ on the site if you register.  Schaweet!

The Crowd Control Library

Minnesotans – there’s an AE group for you.

Just saw this via LinkedIn – Minnesota has an After Effects users group!  If you’re interested in joining click here 

It’s just getting started, but hopefully you can help it grow!

Adobe Beginner Classes Episode #15 is live!

I’ve written about the experience I had at an NLE ‘shoot out’ some time ago…  Well, I finally got around to doing a video on it and I hope that you’ll join me for a 14 minute overview of what I did and how it has impacted the way I think about Premiere Pro.  Read on to get the whole story.

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Interesting Tutorial from Layers Magazine for After Effects

Layers magazine comes from the people over at NAPP which focuses on Photoshop, but the Layers magazine offers content on just about all Adobe products.  Today, I saw a new little tutorial on After Effects with Illustrator that I thought was worth mentioning here.  So, click here

Just a cool video to watch

I came across this video which is a couple of years old now, but it’s so interesting, I thought it worth posting here. I picked it up from ProVideo Coalition which in turn was authored by Chris and Trish Meyer. Like them, I am a sucker for an interesting way of doing type.

So, for your viewing pleasure…

Illustrator blog from Adobe product team

There is a an Illustrator blog that you might want to check out if you’re looking to learn more about Illustrator as a tool. Give it a look Infinite Resolution

Also be sure to check out Mordy’s blog on Illustrator as well… Real World Illustrator

64 Bit: The best $300 (or less!) you can spend this year?

I’ve had some more thoughts on the ideas of 64bit and it’s value in light of this poor economy.  I mean what’s the point of talking about 64bit if you can’t actually use it?  With that in mind, I set out to see how much moving to 64bit on the PC platform would actually cost the average consumer.

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Examples of Wiggling in AE

I’ve talked about the Wiggle expression and Wiggling in After Effects  a couple of times before.  However, I’ve come across a couple of new things you can wiggle, and figured I’d throw the few ideas up as an AE project for you to play with.  The examples are below for you to look at.

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Adobe Beginner Classes Episode #14 is live!

The dry spell for ABC episodes is over my friends and the proof is in the fact that I’ve now published a second Adobe TV episode in as many weeks!  (Now, I’ve really got to get started on that next one!)

Anyway, in this episode, we spend a little more time in the design (read ‘obsessing’) of some things you can do to make your 3D text pop inside of After Effects as well as taking a simple approach to animating it.

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