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Adobe Beginner Classes Episode #14 is live!

The dry spell for ABC episodes is over my friends and the proof is in the fact that I’ve now published a second Adobe TV episode in as many weeks!  (Now, I’ve really got to get started on that next one!)

Anyway, in this episode, we spend a little more time in the design (read ‘obsessing’) of some things you can do to make your 3D text pop inside of After Effects as well as taking a simple approach to animating it.

Now, by this time, you’ll either really like what your seeing or not. I’m into 3D stuff and if you’re like me, you won’t be surprised to hear that I couldn’t help but do an extra third part that will cover a few of the things I forgot to mention – things like shadows! 

Anyway, I hope you’ll give it a view as well as the first part and give me your comments as always.  A little reminder that the Adobe Media Player is the best way to consume Adobe tutorials as it allows you to store my show locally (not all shows are that way).


Could you post the link to the 1st part?

[DR – Here you go. http://blogs.adobe.com/genesisproject/2009/02/adobe_beginner_classes_episode_11.html#more%5D

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