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Adobe Beginner Classes Episode #15 is live!

I’ve written about the experience I had at an NLE ‘shoot out’ some time ago…  Well, I finally got around to doing a video on it and I hope that you’ll join me for a 14 minute overview of what I did and how it has impacted the way I think about Premiere Pro.  Read on to get the whole story.

So, the whole story is right here in a previous entry.  I just reread it and it gives a good synopsis of what happened.  Now, if you’d like to see this as well as get an understanding of why resolution independence gives the editor a lot of flexibility, then check out the video below.

As a reminder – the ABC shows I do are a bit higher in bandwidth and might possibly stutter on a slower connection.  If that’s the case, you want to consider getting the Adobe Media Player which will allow you to subscribe to the ABC show and many others on the Adobe TV network.  The advantage in my mind is that these shows are downloaded to the AMP and are available for your viewing at any time.

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