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AE Tutorial: Camera Shake motion graphics

Cameras, 3D and expressions are three things that I think the beginning AE user are afraid of.  In this simple tutorial, I tackle all three at once.  This project file is going to go up in a few weeks as an Adobe Beginner Classes "Bootleg" class but I thought I’d post the project file first in case some enterprising people want to pull it down and start noodling.

Cameras still get me a little queasy figuratively speaking and 3D is deep.  Expressions by comparison are a walk in the park.  The point is though that none of these are necessarily hard and in developing this tutorial, I think each of these three things are handled in a simple manner – which is the whole point for me.

In the ‘giving credit where credit is due’ department, VideoCopilot.net is responsible for most of this tutorial and/or it’s genesis.  The VideoCopilot site is a perfect example of where you should go after playing around with my stuff.  In other words, you should quickly graduate from my beginner stuff to more intricate and better tutorials from many artists that do AE tutorials.  In watching a particular tutorial, I thought that there were a lot of easy elements that Andrew (Mr. CoPilot) didn’t really cover and so thought they were worth a beginner style tutorial with a little extra thrown in.

Back to the tutorial – The 3D camera has no keyframes (nice!), the 3D is even easier and more faked than normal (double nice!) and the expression is so easy even a caveman can do it (sorry Geico…).

One note, you’ll need to do a font substitution or head over to DaFont.com to get "28 Days Later" font.  Be warned though, the site does put on some mild spying cookies on if you’re on the PC, so be warned about running AdAware, Spybot or some other software afterwards.  Both of the aforementioned softwares are what I use in conjunction with Grisoft’s free Anti-Virus.

So, download the the project file and enjoy.


Download Camera Shake Project

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