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AENY: Andrew Kramer from Video Copilot coming

After Effects luminary Andrew Kramer will be coming to NYC to do an evening of AENY on March 26th.  Click on the AENY meetings page for all of the details.  If you haven’t been to an AENY meeting or seen Andrew do his thing, than this is the one to go to.  Read on for some details.

Andrew is a great friend of AENY and a great AE artist. Yup, he’s one of those guys with more talent in his little trimmed fingernail than I’ll ever have.  Gross I know, but he’ll probably like the allusion.

SO you definitely want to make sure you come out to very special AENY meeting.  Oh, did I mention prizes?  Oh, yeah – lotsa ‘dem!  You can find out the details on the same page.

While you’re there, be sure to give a shout out and ‘thanks’ to the REAL AENY champs – Jim Geduldick and Aharon Rabinowitz.  I’ve been unable to make the last several meetings and it’s really through their efforts that the AENY group is all it is, so be sure to tell them… again.. and then say thanks again… then try to spell their names from memory with no peeking….

Okay, it’s going to be one of those days, so let me stop right now! 😉


I really like AE artists I want to meet them all in a such meeting

i hope so

I heard a rumor that it’s not trimmed but instead is a coke nail. Where do you think he gets all his ideas and energy?? HUH?!


[DR – Coca-cola I hope! ;-)]

Actually, i have to say that Jim has been the batteries that our group runs on these days. He always comes through. Go, Jim, go!!!!

[DR – can I get a ‘whoop whoop!’]

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