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Examples of Wiggling in AE

I’ve talked about the Wiggle expression and Wiggling in After Effects  a couple of times before.  However, I’ve come across a couple of new things you can wiggle, and figured I’d throw the few ideas up as an AE project for you to play with.  The examples are below for you to look at.

They’re nothing special, but as elements in a greater design, they do offer some wonderful random things that can be a part of a larger design.  I particularly like my "vegas lights" strobe at the end.  It does a passable job of creating flickering lights.

In a nutshell, take this project and hit the "UU" key on layers to explore where the Wiggle expression has been used.  If you’re new to the "UU" key, it’s hitting the "U" key twice quickly. This will reveal any parameter that has been modified AND any keyframes on the given layer.


Download Wiggling AE Project File

As an update, I received an email from Todd Kopriva who handles a lot of the technical writing for Adobe products (and a great resource as well) and he offered me a few links that you might find interesting

About Expressions

Expression Reference

Wiggle with start/stop

Also, Todd pointed out that instead of "UU" we can also do "EE" which just reveals all properties modified and NOT any with keframes. There is why I like After Effects, no matter how much you know, there’s ALWAYS something else you can learn about it.

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