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Pre-Keyed Footage from All Bets are Off

Aharon must be working a double overtime behind my back, because the last time I checked, he had a new baby, was workin’ his tail off for All Bets are Off Productions and running the AENY group on the side.

Now, I find out that he’s published a collection of pre-keyed footage?  That’s not strange is it? Well, what if I told you it was over 45,000 clips, with 500 actors and search options galore!  All right Aharon, out with it, have you perfected human cloning???

Check out this great resource – I’m sure I don’t have to speak about Aharon’s quality or his commitment to an excellent product.  I even saw the word ‘free clips’ on the site if you register.  Schaweet!

The Crowd Control Library


can u help me how to use this free clips in ae cs3 the problen here is tha ae cs3 dont reconize this format FRON ALLBETS ARE OFF PRODUCTIONS

[DR – try to take one of Aharon’s clips and drag it to the new comp button which is located in the bottom of the Project panel inside of After Effects.]

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