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NAB 2009 – come visit me

NAB is busy, hectic and exciting even in a down economy.  There may be less people attending, but those that are there will be real decision makers. 

As for me, I’m mostly tied up in meetings but I’ll be filling in here and there at the booth.  If you have any interest in visiting me, I would love for you to stop by and introduce yourself.  I have the privilege of meeting a lot of people during the year, but it’s always fun to meet new faces.  So, if you’re a reader of this blog and are going to Vegas this year, I hope that you’ll try to stop by the Adobe booth on Tuesday morning between 9AM and 1:30PM – that’s when I’ll be on one of the Adobe pods.

On other events, the only other one that I have at present is to present or speak at the WEVA event on Monday evening.  So, if you’re a WEVA member and have some questions for Adobe, I’m your man and I look forward to seeing you.

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