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NAB announcements

Benefiting (depending on your point of view) from waking up 4:30AM pacific standard time I thought I would sneak in a quick post about some of the stuff that has been announced by Adobe or companies that support our products.

From the Adobe side we announced Premiere Pro 4.1 (current is 4.0.1). Most importantly, this new version adds some further development into our RED support.  The Media Browser panel now understands .R3D file structures, so instead of seeing a whole bunch of folders, you can just see your clips, load them into the source view and start editing.  In addition, we also added resolution setting, so depending on the performance of your Mac or PC, you can raise or lower the playback quality to ensure real-time playback.  For example, on a laptop you would likely take 2K images down to 1/8 resolution for editing and then when you’re done render out the finished products at full res.

The other two things that the 4.1 release really provides is better support for our hardware partners like AJA, BMD and Matrox as well as new interoperability with Avid.  More details will be coming soon and the release is coming soon.  You’ll definitely want to pull this one down when it’s available.

NVIDIA announced a new Quadro FX 4800 card for Mac users.  This is great news for Mac users as it brings the Quadro CX engine on the PC over to Mac and will hopefully give Macs the same kind of GPU performance that PC users have had.  Bravo to NVIDIA for not waiting for the official Mac blessing to get this done.

Matrox announced the CompressHD for Mac and PC users.  It provides a new H.264 encoding engine that is supposed to be quite fast.  It also sounds like the price is going to be very affordable at less than $500. If you’ve got blu-ray encoding wait times that are killing you, then this is worth a serious look.

Matrox is also busy with the new MXO Mini available for both Mac and PC.  It provides I/O with both analog and HDMI connections.  It looks to be very promising and will support not only Premiere Pro but Photoshop and presumably After Effects.  I think it’s coming out for the PC first and then Mac, but either way, it looks quite interesting.

Blackmagic Design is always busy with new products this time of year and 2009 is no exception.  IN fact, you’re just better off hitting their web site and going thru all of the new products yourself!  In a nutshell, they’ve got new converters with fiber optics, new routers, an SDK and several other things.

Last but certainly not least is AJA. They also have a lot of new products nearly every year, but the big one for Adobe users is the new Kona and Xena cards.  They’re now called LHi and now add HDMI, 10bit Up, down and cross convert along with 3G SDI.  Oh, and they’re less expensive than the last version too… 😉  These guys make a quality product and they’re in use throughout the broadcast industry.  I love ’em.

Of course, there is a TON more and if time permits this week, I’ll certainly try to give you some more info.

Lastly, if you’re at the show, today’s my day on booth duty, so please stop by this morning to say hello.  I already met Eric from 100 Acre films and several others, where are you?

PS – I don’t think I was benefiting from waking up at 4:30AM this morning, do you? 😉


It was great talking with you, Dennis. It’s always nice meeting another person in the industry who loves video and baseball.

Can’t wait for that 4.1 update – looks really great!

Next time you’re in California, if you make it down to San Diego and the Padres are in town, the tickets are on me!

[DR – careful there Eric, I might seriously take you up on that offer! Find me a broadcaster in San Diego and I’m your man. Great to meet you and thanks for taking the time to stop by. Now what about the rest of you? ;-]

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