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Stop the 3D text insanity!

Okay, trying to get 3D off the brain and it isn’t working.  The fact is, I keep coming back to the 3D text project that I’ve recently done in After Effects (thanks to better AE people like Danny). 

I’ve got another part of this extravaganza coming up on Adobe TV and I’ll post about it when it goes live.  Today, I was giving a new plugin a try when I thought about something with 3D text: what if I applied a Puppet Tool to the basic text layer?

The result is below for you to view.  I didn’t polish it up or even finish the thought – it’s just an experiment to see how it would look.  If you want to grab this simple project to dissect, here it is

3D Text with Puppet Tool


In closing, let me say that acknowledging that you have a problem is the first step to curing it.  Repeat after me, "Hi, my name is Dennis and I’m a 3D addict."

"Hi Dennis." 😉

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