A wealth of free tutorials at DMN

You ever have a week where there’s nothing you’d like to do more than sit down and use your favorite software on a nice Mac or PC and think up cool stuff and ideas? Yeah, me too and I’m having one this week, but unfortunately business calls!

Ah well, it’s okay. In the absence of regular posts, let me offer up to you these tutorials by content digital portal – Digital Media Net I came across this this morning and was very pleased to see so much material and resources available for Premiere Pro (and many other Adobe applications). So, if you haven’t visited them in a while, give ’em a look this morning and tell me what you think.

Searchable video now available for you to create!

It looks like we’ve taken another small step forward in making video searchable on the web easier than ever before.  Recently, a page on searchable video was updated to include a downloadable excerpt from a book on making video searchable and a SWF player that you can use to embed your video with the search ability. 

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Layers Magazine does AE and PR

Layers Magazine is a part of NAPP but about all things Adobe and so they have churned out another 100 wicked tips which is an annual feature.  This year’s version has contributions from both Michael Coleman and Giles Baker – product managers within the digital video group. I just gave them a read and they’re both very useful and insightful, so that means you should head on over there to check them out – right? Right!

Go there now – Layers Magazine 100 Wicked Tips!

PS – you’ll find the AE and PR tips towards the bottom of this article.

HP dreamcolor display

I’ve had a 24″ HP DreamColor display for some time now and I’ve recently included it in my new Adobe TV rig for creating Adobe Beginner Classes shows. The basic premise of this display is that instead of 16.7 million colors that are possible on a normal LCD, you can see a billion.

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Adobe CS4 Productivity report

In a tough economy, it’s more important that your company (or you!) work as efficiently as possible and certainly things like video production can eat up a tremendous amount of time with various tasks.  Whether it’s creating final output types, making a DVD, importing video, or even the editing process, having control of your system – to keep creating with your hardware and software – is critical.

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Adobe Beginner Classes – Camera Shake is live!

Well, I had thought I had run out of tutorials on Adobe TV and was thinking that I needed to come up with a few more when I looked this morning and saw that another one had been posted.  This is my most recent ‘boot leg’ episode and basically takes a note from a recent Video Copilot tutorial where I thought Andrew glossed over some of the more basic ideas.  Leave it up to a simpleton (me) to try and simplify some great ideas.

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