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Adobe CS4 Productivity report

In a tough economy, it’s more important that your company (or you!) work as efficiently as possible and certainly things like video production can eat up a tremendous amount of time with various tasks.  Whether it’s creating final output types, making a DVD, importing video, or even the editing process, having control of your system – to keep creating with your hardware and software – is critical.

That’s why I’m interested in the latest report posted on Adobe about time savings.  If you click here you can download a PDF that gives the results of a recent study about CS4 as it relates to working efficiently and ultimately saving time.  Even, I found the results surprising and I work for Adobe!

For me, one of the troubles I have is quantifying how Adobe solutions can actually save you time.  For example, the native workflow approach that Adobe has with regards to codecs.  Avid and Apple want to force you to go to a single codec.  Adobe does not, but how does that translate into savings.  The results were an eye opener as I have said.

So, rather than prattle on about what the report says, I encourage you to download it on your own and give it a read. 

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