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HP dreamcolor display

I’ve had a 24″ HP DreamColor display for some time now and I’ve recently included it in my new Adobe TV rig for creating Adobe Beginner Classes shows. The basic premise of this display is that instead of 16.7 million colors that are possible on a normal LCD, you can see a billion.

At NAB, I was invited to participate in the corporate Adobe and HP meeting and HP took the time to run through a number of exciting things that are coming out including the new Z stations.  At the meeting, I was able to meet one of the managers in the DreamColor division.  I said to him that while the display was awesome, I was hoping to get it calibrated to see what it really should look like.  HP was very kind and I had one on the Monday after NAB.


Well, I just ran the software and calibration routine (with the associated hardware) and all I can say is WOW! 

To quote the Incredibles movie – "That was totally wicked!!!" I’ve never seen a display just POP like this one does – the colors are so vibrant and fantastic.  The Adobe interfaces look incredibly accurate and clean.  There is something intangible about what you’re seeing on the DreamColor, that typing this on my MacBook Pro LCD seems to be faded, dull and insipid in comparison.  What’s next is to hook up the DisplayPort from the Quadro CX card on my other HP xw9400 and see what it looks like. 

If we can get a video input on this in the future, I believe we’re looking at the future of HD monitoring. Adobe + RED camera + Quadro CX + HP Dreamcolor display = Kickin!


Hi there,

Looking for a new monitor and have heard nothing but good stuff about this monitor. My question is this: how much tweaking is needed to set up with a Mac as opposed to a PC?


[DR – Malky, I don’t have an answer for you there. Because the Mac’s have a different Gamma, it may look a little different, but I would think that the basic tech between Mac and PC would be similar and therefore the setup should be similar. The calibration software won’t apply to the Mac, because it’s PC only, but you can probably find something similar on the Mac side that will support the Dreamcolor display. If you find anything out, post back here. In the end, I really like this monitor a lot.]

Hello. How you to preview HD video to Dreamcolor via Quadro CX on Vista? Quadro SDI is not supported on Vista, Displayport is computer display, dont?

[DR – Manuel, My bit about the video input in the dreamcolor display is a request. You certainly can use the dreamcolor for video previewing if you have something like a decklink card that converts an HD-SDI signal to DVI. Whether you get the same vibrant color, remains to be seen, but I’m looking forward to testing it.]

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