My personal ‘Ultimate, Awesome!’ resource compendium (Part 1)

About six months ago, I began an entry that I thought would be the ‘mother of all resources’ to things principally related to After Effects but also about Photoshop, Premiere Pro and Production Premium.

That last about a week and I finally erased the entry. Why?  Because it’s impossible to try and put it all in one entry and it would be incomplete at it’s best. So, I’ve decided to do the next best thing: Tell you about the resources that I like to look at and use. It’s long and so I’ve decided to break it into parts. 

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HP’s DreamColor display – ‘simply’ awesome

Video editors and graphics artists have always relied on a monitor to help them achieve their vision.  Years ago, it was the size of the monitor that mattered.  It was also the refresh rates available.  Then came LCD’s but they weren’t black enough or fast enough.  Fast forward a few years and now we’re dumping CRTs at the local recycling center and LCD’s are the standard – the black and speed issues largely overcome.  Well, I’ve seen the future (at least the near future) and it’s the DreamColor LP2480zx professional display.  Read on for some more.

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Premiere Pro 4.1 getting good feedback

Premiere Pro has been out for a couple of weeks has been really well received thus far.  It’s not only addressed some bugs but also added some new functionality like the RED workflows, .VOB editing and Avid IMX import.  I wanted to quickly post some of the feedback that’s been posted on the Adobe forums. 😉

"I’m very happy so far with 4.1 – they did a great job"
"They fixed everything in Premiere. Works great now."
"I’m totally happy with 4.1 update. I swear the fixes have already saved a couple hours of life."
"4.0.2 it took 12-15 minutes to render each reel if I clicked the use ‘use’ preview file…Now with version 4.1 they rendered in 8-9 minutes…AND I didn’t have to wait a minute or two for the reels to start rendering. 4.1 starts in like 5 seconds…Also when I open PR or AE project using AME. It doesn’t make me wait at least a minute like to pick the sequence to render. Does it right away."
"Adobe – Thank you for V4.1.0 – Still export back to the older versions! 🙂 No render Q!"
"I agree with another poster in a similar thread. This has got to be a record for getting the full download out the same day as the AUM version…Nice job Adobe!"
"…loading projects is indeed a lot snappier than it was. Loading a 30 minute project (source material is 1:35 hours) with 17 AE comps, 100+ HDV clips, and some miscellaneous material within 4 seconds is not bad."
"…a noticeable performance increase"
"Hats off to Adobe for finally coming through and polishing the decoding for AVCHD….I know we had to wait a while for the update, but I’m glad they didn’t rush it and do some hack job, considering the update actually makes editing AVCHD that much more intuitive and efficient.  Looks like we have a winner in my book!"
"…my big projects load 10x faster and I get realtime playback with Magic Bullet looks. Also get twice the frame rate when Dl to AE….
Also great better BCC support…cool and even better it only takes less than a second to click back to Premiere from any other program. 8 times faster at least….I’m happy."
"Premiere opens much faster now. It takes a few seconds for a big project instead of several minutes. Transitions between still work now perfectly AC3 audio is now audible."
"That’s the quickest I’ve ever seen an update available on the website, after just being released."

…Now if only we could get every one to spell Premiere Pro right…Ah well, that’s a problem that can wait for another day.

ProMax BDA in NYC 6/16-18

If you’re in the New York City area, you might want to come to ProMax BDA.  It’s a high-end design type event around motion graphics and the like. The plus side is that you get to meet with a lot of top broadcasters and post houses.  The down side is that it is not a free event.  So if you’re a full-time designer, you should definitely look at this event as continuing education.

Some thoughts on Premiere Pro 4.1

I’m back in the blogosphere!  My absence has been punctuated by visits to the likes of HBO, CNN, FOX and many more. Broadcast is alive and well but my entries have consequently suffered. 

In my absence, Premiere Pro version 4.1 has been released.  It’s a terrific release and I wanted to give some thoughts, miscellaneous tidbits and point people to some resources to learn more.

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