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My personal ‘Ultimate, Awesome!’ resource compendium (Part 1)

About six months ago, I began an entry that I thought would be the ‘mother of all resources’ to things principally related to After Effects but also about Photoshop, Premiere Pro and Production Premium.

That last about a week and I finally erased the entry. Why?  Because it’s impossible to try and put it all in one entry and it would be incomplete at it’s best. So, I’ve decided to do the next best thing: Tell you about the resources that I like to look at and use. It’s long and so I’ve decided to break it into parts. 

Even just with the ones that I can recommend, use or have used, it’s going to be a long list.  I would highly recommend that you bookmark this link and go back to it when you need it.

General Tech, Mac and PC geekiness:  Do you dream of putting your own PC together or building a hackintosh?  I do, and I find that a lot of others have fun with it too.  Along with carpal tunnel, we are a generation that has people that look at computers not only as a way to communicate but as a hobby.  For me it’s all that and a job – go figure. So here are a few of my favorite resources if you are fascinated by technology and just have fun with gadgets.

Maximum PC – I subscribe to this magazine.  I pay money for a printed copy!  So, I must really, really like it.  Mac people think they are the hippest, but I will tell you there is some badness (in a good way) in the pages of Maximum PC. If the PC is the thing that makes you go or you’re looking for ways to speed it up, this is a great mag.  I read it cover to cover and save some copies…

MacWorld – Lest PC people put me on a pedestal and Mac people hang me in effigy, I humbly submit that I pay money and read a printed copy of MacWorld too.  Not quite as edgy as Maximum PC, but no doubt a solid magazine to stay in touch with how to get the most from your Mac. Chances are though, you’re tuned into AppleInsider, WorldofApple, or many others. 

Did you think I wouldn’t mention Gizmodo or Engadget?  Check….Both of these cover a lot of ground and certainly most of it is not related to Adobe and our video products, but they’re definitely fun to check out and can help you find things that you can use.

Tom’s Hardware Another obvious choice, but hey I’m pretty obvious in my blog. 😉  Great resource for PC goodness if you’ve never visited.

After Effects:  Okay, I can go pretty deep on this one, but I’m going to refrain and instead point you to a few of my favorites.  Of course, if you’re looking for something approaching comprehensive, check out Todd Kopriva’s entry.

Video Copilot:  Andrew Kramer is one talented dude and he puts a lot of his talent in terrific tutorials.  In addition, Andrew provides some AE presets that, depending on what you need, can be very useful.

CreativeCow AE Tutorials:  These are done by a number of people, but Aharon Rabinowitz has been one of the best.  He’s since started focusing on Red Giant plugins.  Eran Stern has taken over the duties of AE tutorials and is similarly awesome.

Dean Velez’s Motion Graphics Lab:  Another AE guru who used to work for Adobe for a time – Dean is passionate about motion graphics and is just an inventive guy in general. I credit him with being my first real AE teacher and I am forever grateful for his tutelage.

Maltaannon.com – Another great website that not only offers free tutorials but also free plug-ins.  I’ve not had the pleasure of meeting Maltaannon yet, but there is no denying his abilities.

Between the above four, you are going to be pretty busy when it comes to AE tutorials.  Next up, some thoughts on resources and Photoshop…


Thanks for the Maximum PC recommendation. What an informative site!

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