Energy Ball and VFX tutorial

over at

Really interesting and of course, using things that I would never think of – which is a great way to learn new things in AE! Andrew used a couple of fairly mundane plugins to make a pretty plausible energy ball.  Go take a look at the link above.

After Effects Tutorial: Sophisticated Simple

…or at least it looks sophisticated to me!

This project is going to be Adobe Beginner Classes #21, so in advance of learning all of the steps, here’s the project so you can break it down.

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Adobe Beginner Classes Episode #20 is live!

In this episode I take up the topic of Rotoscoping.  I give full credit to Pete O’Connell as the source of information but I try to break it down a little bit further.  Watch both and let me know if I was helpful at all! 

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Do you want FREE tutorials? Then check out Adobe Media Player

I’ve blogged on this several times before, but I know that new people are always discovering the Adobe blogs, so I periodically will repeat myself by posting again on resources that may not be known to everybody.

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E-Seminar tomorrow on time saving features of CS4

With your’s truly.  I’ll cover some tapeless workflow items, dip into OnLocation, metadata and speech-to-text and of course a little AE and FCP goodness for good measure.

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ABC and tutorial coming soon

It’s late at night, the kiddies and wife are in bed and I’m at my laptop for no good reason other than when something creative does grab me (it’s rare!), it’s hard for me to not want to capture it fresh.

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Boxing Promo from John Dickinson

John is one of the top AE guys from down under and I had the privilege to meet him briefly at NAB this year (at least I think it was NAB!)  John just connected with me on Twitter and as I returned the favor, I started browsing his website.

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Genesis Project: Comments going astray

We’ve recently updated our blog system (hooray!) and there was a lot of chatter the last couple of weeks about various topics as we transitioned.  One of the topics that came up was that some comments were mistakenly being put into a junk folder.  Well, guess what?  It happened to me recently and I’m at a loss as to why  it happened.  Point being, that a number of comments made recently will be replied to shortly and I’ll be looking at the folder more closely in the future.  Thanks as ALWAYS for your comments. Your input is always very valuable to me and all Adobe bloggers.

Genesis Project has joined the Twitter revolution

The title says it all in accordance with the idea of ‘tweets’ being short and sweet.  That being said, I’ll comment that I’m far to old to be doing all of this social networking stuff!  I’m not sure exactly how I’ll be using Twitter and how I may (or may not) connect it to the blog here.  Most likely, I’ll be pinging my friend and fellow Adobe blogger John Nack for such advice.  You’ll see that he’s got some tweets going back to his blog.

Back to not being sure about what to do – I always welcome some input from others on what you’d like to see from me. Until then, check out what I’ve twittered thus far and tell me what you think.

Cheers, Dennis

Adobe Beginner Classes Episode #19 is live!

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to get any time to do some Adobe TV shows, which is too bad.  I have a great time putting them together and I’m usually learning something to boot. 

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