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After Effects Tutorial: Sophisticated Simple

…or at least it looks sophisticated to me!

This project is going to be Adobe Beginner Classes #21, so in advance of learning all of the steps, here’s the project so you can break it down.

As a bit of background on this, I got the inspiration for this while touring the USS Intrepid.  There was an info wall and it had something similar that I thought was worth going through.  I hope you enjoy the project and tutorial.


You can download the project file
Download Project File


Would you provide us with the project in CS3?
Or, at least a tutorial in how you created the effect?


[DR – Hi James, yes the project is CS4 (nature of the beast for me) but you can definitely create this in After Effects CS3 if you wish. I did an Adobe TV episode on it (#22) and it should be out within a few weeks. The key components of the piece are the light moving across and the Layer Styles (Inner Shadow and Bevel and Emboss on the text). Hope this helps.]

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