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Do you want FREE tutorials? Then check out Adobe Media Player

I’ve blogged on this several times before, but I know that new people are always discovering the Adobe blogs, so I periodically will repeat myself by posting again on resources that may not be known to everybody.

The Adobe Media Player was initially designed to be a content aggregator, but turns out that’s not what the media companies really wanted.  However, during development, we came out with Adobe TV.  Now before you go clicking the link, I’m here to tell you there is a better way – the essence of my post.  The Adobe Media Player is an AIR application that installs as an application on either your Mac or PC.  What we’ve done with the player is to make it a great resource for downloading and consuming FREE tutorials done by Adobe employees and trusted partners. There are well over 1000 tutorials available now with more coming every week.

Sooooo…. if you haven’t downloaded and installed it yet, take the time to do so and get ready for a whole new experience with video tutorials.  While you’re there, make sure you tag mine as a favorite!

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