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E-Seminar tomorrow on time saving features of CS4

With your’s truly.  I’ll cover some tapeless workflow items, dip into OnLocation, metadata and speech-to-text and of course a little AE and FCP goodness for good measure.

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I had a follow up question to the interlaced video one I asked in session.
You quickly mentioned something about a ( and I think you said ) “progressive frame” in reference to a fix for mixing UFF and LFF footage. DO you have a link to info on that?
Thanks – great session today.
PS – I watched EP. #15 and it was great to see that importing and editing 16 different footage types is so fast in PP CS4.

[DR – Shawn, I don’t have a link to anything but when you’re outputting footage types if the codec supports a progressive frame output, you can address it in Adobe Media Encoder. So, when I’m working with DV footage for example, I can have the option of ‘de-interlacing’ the footage depending on my output file type. The bottom line is that there is no ABC for doing output – but I do recommend Aharon Rabinowitz’s Internet killed the video star training DVD which goes into encoding in some detail. It’s $50 I think and well worth it.]

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