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Genesis Project: Comments going astray

We’ve recently updated our blog system (hooray!) and there was a lot of chatter the last couple of weeks about various topics as we transitioned.  One of the topics that came up was that some comments were mistakenly being put into a junk folder.  Well, guess what?  It happened to me recently and I’m at a loss as to why  it happened.  Point being, that a number of comments made recently will be replied to shortly and I’ll be looking at the folder more closely in the future.  Thanks as ALWAYS for your comments. Your input is always very valuable to me and all Adobe bloggers.


Maybe this comment will finally go through 🙂 This is Maltaannon. I tried to get in touch with you a couple of times, left a couple of comments none of which appeared on the site. Something was seriously wrong.

Anyway – just wanted to thank you for linking to my site a couple of times. Hope we can chat on Skype, facebook, twitter or simply email 🙂

Talk to you soon.
All the best.

[DR – Hey Maltaannon! Yup, still dealing with some commenting issues, but we’ll get it straightened out.]

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