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Genesis Project has joined the Twitter revolution

The title says it all in accordance with the idea of ‘tweets’ being short and sweet.  That being said, I’ll comment that I’m far to old to be doing all of this social networking stuff!  I’m not sure exactly how I’ll be using Twitter and how I may (or may not) connect it to the blog here.  Most likely, I’ll be pinging my friend and fellow Adobe blogger John Nack for such advice.  You’ll see that he’s got some tweets going back to his blog.

Back to not being sure about what to do – I always welcome some input from others on what you’d like to see from me. Until then, check out what I’ve twittered thus far and tell me what you think.

Cheers, Dennis



If you are on a PC, I’d recommend an Intel i7 Processor. I have the i7 920, which comes at a pretty reasonable price (you can get the processor for $200 and a good rig with it for $850 on up – mine was about $1300).

Playback is smooth (unless I add a ton of effects, which is to be expected).



Do you have any recommendations on what processors are a ‘minimum’ requirement in order to do video editing without going mad? or is it more a function of Video, Memory or all three? I always find myself stuck with getting a computer that has all the features but that ONE that is missing that slows everything down. Also, what would be the minimum budget of a decent video editing machine? Thanks for the help (maybe your readers can pipe in as well)


[DR – Hi Greg, there are minimum system requirements that are posted on the Adobe website but let me comment a little further here. Video editing is one of those few areas like PC gaming where more is always better.

In general, I like to recommend the processor second from the top because it presents the best value/performance combination.

GPU is becoming increasingly important but of the three: CPU, GPU and memory, GPu is currently last. That said, it’s still VERY important and I don’t recommend a bargain basement card.

Memory is the single cheapest thing you can do to improve your performance on CS4 today – especially if you have a 64bit Vista install. See my entries on Vista 64… When purchasing memory, I recommend buying the expensive stuff because a bad memory sector is almost always the trickiest thing to diagnose. The problems make it look like Adobe makes bad software when in fact, it’s cheap memory that makes the whole system perform poorly.

So, RAM, CPU and GPU are all important. 😉

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