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More people moving to 64 bit

Last night, I was at the New Jersey Videography Association (NJVA) and had a great time chatting to wedding videgraphers as well as renewing acquaintances with various vendors.  In addition to a number of great presentations, there was a lot of conversation throughout the night.

People wanted to talk about which NLE to use, how they use Photoshop (one lady did a joke on the bride’s father by adding 50 lbs!) which platform (Mac or PC) and of course, which camera(s) to get.

In conversing through the evening, one of the anecdotal  bits I walked away was this: More people have Vista 64 than I originally thought.  When we shipped CS4 in October 2008, within a month or so, many of the Adobe folks had started moving over to Vista 64 so we could take advantage of greater memory, but most of the customers we would talk to hadn’t done so. Whether it was the bad press on Vista or inertia, most didn’t think about 64-bit computing or the benefits. 

Now, that seems to have changed.  A number of people I spoke to that were on the PC platform were all using Vista 64 and had anywhere from 6-12GB of memory.  This is good news.  Adobe loves to talk about how we integrate Premiere with After Effects with Photoshop with Encore, etc…BUT users have to remember it doesn’t just happen on a 2GB RAM equipped system.  We’ve got the special sauce, but you’ve got to provide the saucepan! 😉

Digging a bit further, I turned up this old link, but it seems to speak to what’s happening these days.  Microsoft is saying that their Vista 64 adoption rate has tripled.  That’s saying something for 64-bit being mainstream and for the next stage of content creation standards.

Switching gears a bit, I just want to offer my thanks to all of the attendees and organizers – lots of good conversation and information.  Good stuff.


I am also on Vista64 for a couple of month with CS3 Prod Studio.
Want to upgrade to CS4, what hickups can I expect -All from Pretoria, South Africa

[DR – Hey Rolf, thanks for taking the time to comment. Honestly, I don’t think you’ll have any hiccups. Make sure you you run the CS4 updaters to get to the latest versions. In the video suite, we’ve got a number of important updates, espeically around PRemiere Pro. Best of luck!]

I recently upgraded to an i7 processor, Vista 64-bit and 12GB of RAM; all for a pretty reasonable price (less than $1500).

It makes a HUGE difference. I don’t know how I survived before :).

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