Admitting it’s a problem is the big step towards solving it

Let’s get it out there right now, "Our Customer Service department has issues."

There… I said it.  Phew, I feel better… But what’s more important is that our VP said it as well and addressed it to you.

I’d encourage you to download the small PDF and give it a thorough read. While it’s nice to hear that a corporation can apologize, it’s better that the letter points to a better result in the future.  It also gives you a source to solve your problems in the interim if you’re not getting the results you need.

AENY meeting this Thursday 8/27/09 @ 6:30PM

Get all of the details at the AENY site

Adobe Beginner Classes Episode #25 is live!

Hey there everyone.  Blogging away on supposed vacation time – I need some help. We’ll keep this one brief.  Episode #25 is online and available for your perusal.  It’s pretty short and to the point, so it’s easy to digest and consume.  In it, I take our Photoshop texture and quickly create a 3D box by utilizing a script from

From there, we’ll put it all together in the next episode and hopefully the result is something you like. 

Read on for the embedded version of the tutorial.

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After Effects New York is this Thursday!

The next AENY meeting is coming up this Thursday, August 27th and has a terrific line up as usual.  We’ve (and by ‘we’ I mean Jim and Aharon) got two artists lined up including the Mixtape Club and a director from Psyop.  Both of these should be really fantastic.  I hope that you’ll join us.  You can get all of the details at the AENY site

Adobe Beginner Classes Episode #24 is live!

If you’ve looked with envy at particular textures and wondered how they were created in Photoshop, then this is the episode for you!


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Keyboard shortcuts: vital to working quickly

I’ve been cleaning up email this morning and while doing so, I came across one from Logic Keyboard.  It reminded me of one of my strongly held personal beliefs: the very best editors, the ones who work quickly, always know their keyboard shortcuts.

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Interesting videos on image technology

These days there are all kinds of interesting technology that is put out on the web for our prognosticating and input.  Below is one that I’ve seen before and a new one.

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Adobe Story, RED, FCP and Avid

Yes, I know…. a shamelessly provocative title. 

I came across Mr. Soule’s latest offerings which offer some insight into our current workflow with the RED camera as well as how similar workflow videos with Apple’s Final Cut Pro and Avid’s Media Composer software.

Adobe Presentations 2009

However, I think the most interesting one could be the sneak peak of Adobe’s Story application which was first shown as a technology preview at NAB 2009.  That one is embedded below.  Enjoy.

Three more Adobe Beginner Classes episodes are done

They’ll probably pop up on Adobe TV over the next few weeks.  I’ve started to add some text elements in the video to help the tutorial along and to support what I’m saying. You’ll see that one really start to show up on the last one (sorry, too lazy to go back and add them to the others!)

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Adobe Beginner Classes Episode #23 is live!

I’ve held true to my promise to not do everything about After Effects! Huzzah! 

In this one, I go in and show you how easy it is to create gradient wipes for use in Premiere Pro.  We don’t always use transitions, but when we do, it’s nice to have something new and fresh. Custom gradient wipes can be the ticket!  I hope you’ll give it a view and tell me what you think.

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