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Admitting it’s a problem is the big step towards solving it

Let’s get it out there right now, "Our Customer Service department has issues."

There… I said it.  Phew, I feel better… But what’s more important is that our VP said it as well and addressed it to you.

I’d encourage you to download the small PDF and give it a thorough read. While it’s nice to hear that a corporation can apologize, it’s better that the letter points to a better result in the future.  It also gives you a source to solve your problems in the interim if you’re not getting the results you need.


Unfortunately, for a mature organization, like Adobe, it should have never gotten to this point. I’m glad Adobe is addressing the issue, but instead of everyone at Adobe blogging about and linking to this letter, how about offering up real examples of how the problem is being fixed.

[DR – Granted Roger, but it did and admitting that we’re working on it is the best thing we can do with an unpleasant situation. As for how we’re working on fixing the problem, the letter states that we have moved to a new organization and that we have a process for handling anything during the transition. I don’t know what else we could do to offer up better examples. thanks for your comments.]

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