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Adobe Beginner Classes #22 is live!

Oi Vey! As quickly as I finish episodes, Adobe TV is publishing them!  In this episode, I turn my attention to the fun of Photoshop in recreating something that has been central to Photoshop since the very beginning – the colored eye.

It’s probably been done a million times, but hey(!) I focus on the basics so everything is fair game! In all seriousness, if you’re relatively new to Photoshop and are a video person, this tutorials is instructive simply for using a couple of the more powerful selection tools.  As I mention in the tutorial itself, knowing the selection tools in Photoshop is the key to being a good Photoshop user.

As always, I would love to get some feedback on the episodes.  Rate it in Adobe TV for sure, but if you have a thought or comment, please come back here and drop me a line.

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