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AEScripts.com redesign

While my blog focuses on more beginner type stuff, I like to periodically point people to more advanced resources.  In this case, AEScripts.com caters to all levels of Adobe After Effects users. 

I’ve always been fond of saying that After Effects can – "take anything in, do anything to it and output anything."  Or another catchphrase you might hear from me is, "If you can think, you can do it in After Effects." 

A lot of this power comes from the scripting abilities in After Effects. Scripting offers users the ability to automate a bunch of things and in some cases extend the functionality of After Effects today.

Now before you jump from this blog entry, read this – there is a suggested donation amount for any of the scripts, but Lloyd and the rest of the folks there make all of the scripts available for free.  You can add anything to the cart and then change the price to $0.00 if you so choose.  My thoughts would be that if you try it and use it a lot, then you should throw them a few bucks. Help support them so that they keep doing it!!!

Lloyd Alvarez is one of the primary contributors, but there are a number of things there that are worth getting.  Below are a few of the ones I really like. 

BG Renderer – allows you to have background rendering in After Effects.  Perhaps not as full featured as Nucleo Pro, but it works with CS4 today and it’s free!

Throttle 1.2 – Allows you to have access to many of the most important preferences inside of After Effects.  Great little utility for regular AE users.

Mocha Import – If you’re using Mocha AE (a part of AE CS4) for tracking, this could be a very powerful little script for you to utilize.  I’ve been meaning to work on a tracking/stabilize project for my Adobe TV show, so I may incorporate this into the upcoming episode.  Watch the video as well – explains what this script does.

Create3DShapes – I was one of the guys that was bummed when we stopped licensing 3D cubic lite from Digital Anarchy  This product has since moved over to Red Giant but now there is a great way to create some basic 3D shapes inside of After Effects without going crazy.

One thing you’ll want to know is that many of these scripts can be a dockable element inside of AE CS3 or later.  There is a video tutorial on how to do this.  I highly recommend it. 

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