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Benchmarking CS4 vs CS3 on Adobe TV

It’s always easy to say things like ‘#1 market leader!’.  There are some particular companies who come to mind where truth is secondary to the marketing message. 

For Adobe, we want to proclaim our ‘awesomeness’ as much as the next company, but we try to stay within the realm of reality and show some respect to our customer’s intelligence. 

To that end, we’ve recently published some findings from a research study done around real world time saving features.  Pfeiffer Consulting found that there were significant time savings to be gained by using CS4 over CS3.  In addition, it demonstrated substantial benefits in video when using Production Premium over other video editing programs.

These segments are short and sweet – probably not more than 4 minutes long so if you’ve got time, give it a look.  My favorite one on video is embedded below for your viewing pleasure! 😉

Adobe TV Benchmarks

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