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Keyboard shortcuts: vital to working quickly

I’ve been cleaning up email this morning and while doing so, I came across one from Logic Keyboard.  It reminded me of one of my strongly held personal beliefs: the very best editors, the ones who work quickly, always know their keyboard shortcuts.

These people rely on the mouse far less than the average user. All things being equal, a keystroke takes far less time than a mouse move and click.

The Logic Keyboard line is well thought out and I’ve got a couple at my HD room in NYC.  If you’re not much of a keyboard user, I understand – but encourage you to start adding some finger stomps to your mousy repertoire! Perhaps this AIR app that helps with Adobe keyboard shortcuts will get you started to keyboard shortcut mastery!


As I mention in this blog post, be sure to click All Categories in the AIR application. I’ve heard several people pronounce this application useless—but only because they were looking at the tiny subset of shortcuts in the Essentials view.

[DR – thanks as always Todd]

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