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Random musings and what’s cookin’ at Adobe TV

In this era of social media, fast/faster/fastest and so many ways to communicate information, I find myself sometimes at a loss. There’s too much to twitter here and yet it’s not really a blog entry. What to do?

Anyway, a few random thoughts here for your input and consumption.

  1. Thinking of doing an Adobe TV class on creating semi-realistic fog in After Effects. I’ve looked around and surprisingly didn’t see anything good on it. If you see something on it, pass it on. On that same idea, I know that fog isn’t all that exciting, but its a super great element to add to a composition to give it a TON of depth.
  2. Always looking for more ideas on Adobe TV and/or blog.  I’ve got to go back to some of my entries where I’ve asked the question before to review them, but if you’re so inclined, please place a comment and tell me what you’d like to see.  Generally, I’m trying to keep the topics pretty digestible (meaning easy) but I’ll listen to anything.
  3. Really, really, REALLY liking the new aescripts.com website. If you’re a regular AE user, do your level best to support these guys because the work they do is good for all of us.
  4. Also spending some time learning the AE and Mocha trackers a bit more. Hopefully can turn it into some kind of tutorial in the future.


Steve Holmes has several tutorials on integrating fog, fire, and smoke into environments in his Artbeats video podcasts:


There’s a lot of different techniques to summarize or emphasize, so it seems like a good topic to explore and share.

[DR – This is true and I didn’t know Steve was doing these on Artbeats, so I’ll mention it in a future blog post. However, I’m talking about the creation of Fog when you don’t have any Artbeat clips handy! 😉 Oddly enough, I think I may have gotten a few tips from something else Steve did years ago. Either way, thanks for the comments and let me know what you think if I end up publishing something on Fog.]

There’s a link to a free chapter from Mark Christiansen’s book about creating fog, clouds, smoke, and similar things in this section of After Effects Help.

How about an in-depth look at Multi-camera editing? Maybe include best practices on mixing audio within a multi-camera edit. (For that matter, a how-to on audio mixing itself would be nice. Should this process involve going out to Soundbooth?)

[DR – Hey Chuck, thanks for commenting. As for multi-cam, there is already something available on Adobe TV. Check out http://tv.adobe.com/#vi+f1522v1187 where Terry White gives an overview of multi-camera features. If you come back with some questions then ping me with another comment on this entry and I’ll see what I can do.

Audio mixing – ay carumba! That’s a tough topic as it is often a subjective matter and I say that as an audio expert who got his college degree in music. I’ve got a couple of audio centric tutorials on my Adobe TV program (http://tv.adobe.com/#pg+1520) Take a listen and get back to me with any specific questions.

hope this helps,

Fog sounds like a great one – I hope someone sends you something.

I’m also always on the lookout for how to create the best dust particle effect…

[DR – Some other people have responded about fog, but even so, I may end up doing something as it can add a bunch of depth to your composition. As for dust particles, I will keep that in mind – thanks for the suggestion!]

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