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Steve Holmes on Artbeats.com

Steve Holmes has always been one of the more powerful AE artists who has been able to successfully marry great design in a fun tutorial and instructive setting.  Steve build up his ‘brand’ by being one of the principal instructors for Total Training for several versions and now has turned up at Artbeats.

Artbeats and Mr. Holmes have already teamed up in several tutorials, so this probably isn’t totally new to many people.  Nevertheless, click here for the link.  From there you can subscribe via iTunes if you’re so inclined.  I’ve watched a couple and they’re fantastic as you would expect.  Good stuff – go get it.


great work….

I have a detailed rundown of Steve’s podcast episodes in this blog post.

[DR – Thanks as always Todd!]

I had the experience of doing a one-on-one training with Steve some years ago in San Francisco. He’s an absolute great guy and one of the friendliest people I’ve ever known. It’s cool to see the variety of work he’s always involved in, plus you can’t hardly beat his presentation style. On his portfolio, he has this spectacular typography motion graphic which is just stuck in my mind playing over and over. Kind of a 3D optical illusion. I couldn’t dream up something that good. He is a real Pro in every sense.

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