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Three more Adobe Beginner Classes episodes are done

They’ll probably pop up on Adobe TV over the next few weeks.  I’ve started to add some text elements in the video to help the tutorial along and to support what I’m saying. You’ll see that one really start to show up on the last one (sorry, too lazy to go back and add them to the others!)

Anyway, I think they’ll be helpful to a bunch of people.  In the first one, I’m showing how to paint some dirty, grungy textures.  In the next, I take that and with the help of a script from aescripts.com I build a 3D box from the PSD document.

The last one is the fog creation one that I mentioned in an earlier post.  So, you’ve got a couple of weeks to wait on that one, but hopefully it will be worth it.

Where this project ends up is a mystery to me, but I’m thinking I have at least one or two more episodes before I cry, "it’s ALIVE!"  I hope it turns out okay. 😉

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