Adobe Beginner Classes #27 is live!

The conclusion to several running episodes happens with #27.  In this one, we take our painted box, our 3D cube and our fog and put it all together to do a quick animation. Anti-climatic?  No way – watch the tutorial and download the project for yourself and play around with it.


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Adobe TV gets a new look

Adobe TV has just updated their website and with all the changes, it’s a great time for me to shamelessly mention the best show on there for video, especially After Effects: Adobe Beginner Classes!  Be sure to add me to your library and also do a roll over on the episode #’s to get a description of what you’ll get.  I’ll be looking to change up the episodes names soon to be more descriptive.  Regardless, give it a look and don’t forget about the Adobe Media Player as well.

Hearst TV selects Adobe for News Production

Hearst Television has selected Adobe Systems to help provide next generation tapeless solutions for generating newscasts.  Here’s the press release

This is big for so many reasons.  It’s big because it continues to validate Adobe Systems in broadcast, and I’m NOT talking about After Effects or Photoshop. It’s big because it is another real world customer that is giving input into Adobe on how to make their products better which we all benefit from.

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New Adobe Labs product: Adobe Story!

One of the things that Adobe has been really focusing on over the last couple of cycles is metadata.  Metadata describes what’s in a piece of content.  This makes it easier for content publishers to connect their content with content viewers.  This means more revenue.  What’s the biggest piece of metadata that is being thrown away in commercials, films and the like?  The script of course…

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WEVA show in Orlando

Just a quick hit that if you’re going to be attending the WEVA show you will see yours truly there representing Adobe.  I hope that you will take the time to stop by and introduce yourself. If you’re asking "what is WEVA?" it stands for Wedding and Event Videography Association.

Adobe Beginner Classes Episode #26 is live!

I’ve been in a flurry of creative activity and hopefully, these are useful things to the community. In this episode, I’m continuing to build towards our finale, which I think is the next one.  Read on to see the video and get the details…

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HD Expo NYC in September

September is officially upon us and as I write this, we’re starting to see slightly cooler weather.  However, we’ll see some hot stuff at HD Expo in New York on September 17th.  It’s a one day show, compact, educational and of course located near B&H in case you have to start purchasing things immediately! ;-) 

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