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Adobe TV gets a new look

Adobe TV has just updated their website and with all the changes, it’s a great time for me to shamelessly mention the best show on there for video, especially After Effects: Adobe Beginner Classes!  Be sure to add me to your library and also do a roll over on the episode #’s to get a description of what you’ll get.  I’ll be looking to change up the episodes names soon to be more descriptive.  Regardless, give it a look and don’t forget about the Adobe Media Player as well.


How about also making an iPd/iPhone version of Adobe Beginner Class on iTunes so people can get podcasts of it subscribed and have it load to iTunes and then to the iPhone or iPod os we can watch it away from a computer.

[DR – Daniel, that’s a good idea. While the Adobe Media Player provides the same thing, getting a podcast on iTunes would make sense. I’m working on a number of things over the next month, but you’ve gotten me to put it on my to-do list. Let’s target Thanksgiving or before as a target date. Thanks for your comments.]

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