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Hearst TV selects Adobe for News Production

Hearst Television has selected Adobe Systems to help provide next generation tapeless solutions for generating newscasts.  Here’s the press release

This is big for so many reasons.  It’s big because it continues to validate Adobe Systems in broadcast, and I’m NOT talking about After Effects or Photoshop. It’s big because it is another real world customer that is giving input into Adobe on how to make their products better which we all benefit from.

It’s big because News is one of the most demanding, deadline-driven environments that video production tools can be put in…

Hearst chose Adobe Systems because they saw two main things: Adobe’s innovation and Adobe’s willingness to communicate and pro-actively work with them. On innovation, they saw native file support for their chosen ENG format when competitors did not.  With today’s announcements on Adobe Story and Cinema DNG, we demonstrate (albeit in a different arena) that we continue to innovate for our customers.

On the idea of communication, it’s essential that large media companies be able to offer input into how they want the workflow and products to function.  Simple concept, very difficult for a manufacturer to execute.  I’m glad to say that Adobe has been successfully doing this for a few years now, starting back with the BBC.  Now US companies are benefitting from this same approach.  More to come on that in the future!

Lastly, I’ll note that I am personally excited to be a part of this effort and look forward to communicating much more as the months progress.

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