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New Adobe Labs product: Adobe Story!

One of the things that Adobe has been really focusing on over the last couple of cycles is metadata.  Metadata describes what’s in a piece of content.  This makes it easier for content publishers to connect their content with content viewers.  This means more revenue.  What’s the biggest piece of metadata that is being thrown away in commercials, films and the like?  The script of course…

Think about it – there are thousands of words in most scripts.  Words that describe the scene, talk about the subject matter, etc.  What about a car that’s a prop in a movie? Let’s say the car needed is a BMW – now this is an opportunity for the movie to sell a sponsorship spot to BMW.  In the same sense, BMW can push out a clip of the new car in this movie and make sure that BMW enthusiasts around the world can easily find this bit of video.

Some of the nifty features of Adobe Story that I like are the ability to import Final Draft and other types of common script formats.  These formats include Microsoft Word and others.  Ultimately, the script can also become a gateway for a more efficient production workflow as well. Having an export from Adobe Story that can drive shot lists in OnLocation… There’s a lot of possibilities.

So…where do you get all of the details? Right here of course

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