Adobe Beginner Classes #30 is live!

and really, the only thing I can say about this one is FINALLY…

I had some trouble with our web system and so this should have been posted a week ago.

In this episode, I dive into the technique for creating the smoky look of the text disappearing.  It’s not entirely intuitive at first, but once you get it, it rocks!  Hat tip (and big thank you) to Andrew Kramer for this technique.  Read on to view the tutorial and/or see a short clip with the finished animation.

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It’s official: 64bit is the future for Premiere Pro and After Effects

64…bits…ONLY…  Are you psyched or nervous?

I don’t think many people are shocked by this and hopefully many people are excited about this as we slowly get closer to CS ‘Next’.  And to answer your next thought, no, it’s not anytime soon!

I’ve added a couple of graphics and reviewed the text. Originally published 10/20/2009

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Another way to get your ABC’s – It’s on Vimeo!

You can watch the videos on Adobe TV, but now you can view these videos anytime on my Vimeo channel.  As we wind down the year, I’m hoping to also make my tutorials available as a podcast, which was a customer request.  So, if you’re a Vimeo user, subscribe to my channel and connect with me!  See you there.


Nobel Prize organization using all Adobe tools

Adobe is generally a semi-modest company when it comes to talking about big customer wins, big engagements and the like.  We don’t usually trumpet it from the front page of the web site and I for one am okay with that. If you’re good, you should let your work speak for yourself.

However, in this information overload age, if you’ve got a voice, it’s at least good to mention things now and again.  And so, I bring you news that the Nobel Prize organization uses all Adobe tools for their production and distribution.  It’s yet another powerful example of Adobe’s end-to-end capabilities.  From planning to playback, Adobe technology can be at the center of the work.  So, please take a look at the Nobel Prize Org customer story

News and Notes from Genesis Project

Hey guys and gals – Wanted to let you know a couple of things going on and rather than constantly twitter (too short), I decided to put a quick entry up here on the blog. This is just a newsie kind of post but I did want to get one note out of the way – I’m trying to post a couple of the recent After Effects project files on the web, but our new blog system has me confounded at present, so it will have to wait.


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Adobe Beginner Classes #29 is live!

This looks to be another four part series.  The first part here is covering some of the building blocks, but trust me they are still very interesting! Click Play below and view the final composition and then read on for some more detail.

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Adobe Beginner Classes #28 is live!

…it’s been online for a while and I’m rather proud of this one…

I enjoy all of the content creation I get to do – from Twitter, to this blog to Adobe TV.  Yet, some bits are just more memorable to you than others and Episode #28 is one of those for me.


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