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News and Notes from Genesis Project

Hey guys and gals – Wanted to let you know a couple of things going on and rather than constantly twitter (too short), I decided to put a quick entry up here on the blog. This is just a newsie kind of post but I did want to get one note out of the way – I’m trying to post a couple of the recent After Effects project files on the web, but our new blog system has me confounded at present, so it will have to wait.


On that same note, I need to do episodes #30-32 quickly as #29 was just posted yesterday. I had this outburst of ‘semi-creativity’ and thought I was safe from falling behind.  Lo and behold, I have fallen behind!  Such is the life of an Adobe employee – forever running around and doing many things at once.  I always have the picture of a juggler – working hard to keep all of the balls up in the air.  "Uh oh!  Grab the Adobe TV ball quick! It’s about to fall!"  What’s interesting is that I already have episode #33 done which is a nice motion graphics background and a study in how to build a thick comp from a single element. You’ll have to wait a few weeks to get this one, but I hope you like it!



MAX has come and gone and while it’s not really in the purview of my scope of work, we did announce some very nifty things.  Flash for the iPhone was both a YES and NO kind of answer.  YES, use Flash to build iPhone apps.  NO – no flash player for the iPhone yet. 

I’ve been asked to jump on the Premiere Pro forum for a short while and I’ve found the group there to be very well informed and a lively forum.  If you’ve got questions about Premiere Pro, then I highly suggest you visiting this forum as it’s got a good group.

I’m playing with an MXO2 Mini on PC and Premiere Pro.  Initial impressions are good, but a coworker pointed out some negatives.  I’ll be doing some more work on it today.  One of the things that impressed me thus far was the encoding speed and quality of their own MAX technology.  I took the standard CS4 demo assets (P2 720p24) that are about a minute long and encoded it in Matrox’s YouTube HD preset (H.264).  It did it in about 30 seconds. Nice…


Lastly, we’ll likely have some news next week – sorry no more details than that.  Also, Premiere Pro 4.2 has been announced and will be available later this month.  There’s got to be some kind of irony there – The very first version of Premiere I played with was the original 4.2 – way back in 1998!

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