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Premiere Pro 4.2 update is live

You can get the update for that and Adobe Media Encoder (also 4.2) via the Help menu.  Just go to an Adobe application and select Help>Updates.

You can watch a video from Dave on Premiere Pro 4.2 here

Here’s a list of fixes and features:

New in this release

  • Panasonic P2 AVC-Intra material is now supported; new sequence presets are also included for editing this format.

Notable fixes

  • Final Cut Pro Project Converter is now compatible with Final Cut Pro version 7
  • Final Cut Pro Project Converter now maintains timecodes from the originally captured sources from Final Cut Pro
  • Playback no longer stops when connecting/disconnecting a USB keyboard or mouse
  • Performance is no longer diminished in mixed format sequences during playback, scrubbing, and exporting
  • Fixed a field output issue when rendering a 720p 60/50 source in an interlaced SD sequence
  • Third-party support

Known issues

  • Use of Project Manager is not recommended for AVC-I since clip spanning is lost during project collect and copy
  • Clip duration in media browser does not match duration of clip once it is imported
  • AVC-I clips are redbar in native sequences

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