ABC is a podcast

Adobe Beginner Classes is up as a podcast.  I’m having to slowly upload episodes from the first to the most current which will take a little while, but if i could ask you to subscribe and give me your comments, it is always appreciated.

To get started, click this link


Adobe Beginner Classes Episode 34 is live!

As many of you probably know, I’m pretty big into After Effects tutorials, so it’s been surprising to have me sitting in front of Encore and trying out new stuff.  Part of the motivation for me starts in Photoshop (probably my other favorite application) and I was making some little images for Christmas this year when I thought of an idea.


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Adobe Beginner Classes is going up as a podcast

Adobe Beginner Classes is finally going up as a podcast based on some feedback from readers and viewers. Makes sense in the end, because since I do these for fun and for customer education, I might as well put it out there as broadly as possible! 

One temporary bummer is that I can only upload so much content per month and as a result, I do not have the ability to upload the entire catalog of shows for everyone.  As a result, I’m working on the very first shows which, while good, are not the current ones that I think more people would be interested in.  Still, I hope that you will do me the kindness and subscribe to them and tell your friends.  I should be up to current stuff in a couple of months.  Right now, my podcast submission is in review.

So, hopefully by early 2010, we will see Adobe Beginner Classes, on Adobe TV, iTunes and Vimeo.  Anywhere else I should put them?

Some updates to the blog – projects and tutorials

I’ve done some long overdue updating to the blog in terms of content I’ve owed the public.  I’ve finally added the After Effects project files to the last three groups of tutorials I’ve done and I’ll be looking to see if there are others that I’ve missed something on. So…

The latest Episode #33 on motion graphics is here

The 2012 project is embedded in this entry.

The Broadcast Slate project can be found here – finally updated!


Oi! I forgot to post 2012 project files (ABC Episodes #29-32)

I always promise to post the project files, but it seems that I’ve been a bit lax in actually following thru. My apologies! Read on to view the embedded episodes to create the final 2012 animation as well as the project files.


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Adobe Beginner Classes #33 is live!

This project focuses on how to create some depth on motion graphics and all through using one basic element.  I’m a big proponent of reusing elements and nesting.  Read on to get the details, watch the tutorial and download the project file.


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Ideas for future Adobe Beginner Classes?

Hi all,

I like to put it out there that I’m always open to new ideas or suggestions for tutorials.  While I don’t always get around to doing them all, getting the input is very important to me.  Honestly, the blog and the Adobe TV show are simply ways for me to respond to you, our valuable customers.

So, I’ve been thinking more about visual fx recently and was thinking about a couple of minor VFX that would be instructive.  I’ve also noodled with the idea of doing a real beginner’s approach to all that is Photoshop.  Lastly, I’ve mapped out a ‘write on’ tutorial that shows you how to do cursive text being written on.  However, I may have done that one already – I have to actually check!

How do those ideas sound?  What would your suggestions be?

Finally, I’ve got ABC episode #32 all loaded up, but for some reason it’s not going live on the website.  I’ve sent an email and I hope to have it resolved later this week.  I’ll post the project files later as well.


Adobe Story needs your help – Multi-column scripts

In case you haven’t heard, Adobe Story is an interesting combination of a creative script writing tool and as a production assistant through its handling of metadata.  Check it out: Adobe Story

Well, it turns out we could use your help.  Right now the Adobe Story team is looking for examples of multi-column scripts – something very common in broadcast TV I believe but not in film making.  If you’ve got real-world multi-column scripts and feel comfortable about letting us have a look at them (we don’t share this stuff externally), we would be very grateful.  Post a comment with your email address and I’ll reach out to you.  Thanks in advance!


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