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Adobe Beginner Classes is going up as a podcast

Adobe Beginner Classes is finally going up as a podcast based on some feedback from readers and viewers. Makes sense in the end, because since I do these for fun and for customer education, I might as well put it out there as broadly as possible! 

One temporary bummer is that I can only upload so much content per month and as a result, I do not have the ability to upload the entire catalog of shows for everyone.  As a result, I’m working on the very first shows which, while good, are not the current ones that I think more people would be interested in.  Still, I hope that you will do me the kindness and subscribe to them and tell your friends.  I should be up to current stuff in a couple of months.  Right now, my podcast submission is in review.

So, hopefully by early 2010, we will see Adobe Beginner Classes, on Adobe TV, iTunes and Vimeo.  Anywhere else I should put them?


Thanks for working on this project. I need these lessons. I am a 12 yr Adobe newbie. Let me explain. I purchased Illustrator and photoshop in 1997 when it came out for windows. I have been using those old programs since. I am completely self taught and get very little time on the computer for the fun stuff! This year I have purchased CS4 Master Collection for myself…I want to learn it all! I really need to learn the correct beginner steps and understand the mac language. I believe that would help me! I want to design and create. I want to repair old family photos. I want to scan old negative and create photos. I want to create a website and share with the family and so much more! I am in the process of coverting all of my old 8mm tape to digital media, etc. I believe this was the best software purchase. Again, I can’t wait to use these podcasts. I will be able to listen to them while traveling for work! Thank you!

[DR – Hey JF. Thanks for the kind words. The podcast is live though I have to catch up the content (working on that now). I hope you’ll subscribe and tell your friends.]

I’m glad to see you have this as a regular podcast finally. Can you tell everyone else on Adobe TV to do the same, that would be appreciated.

By the way I am the manager of the LA web Professionals Group, an Adobe User Group in Los Angeles, I would like to know if you can ever speak for at my group. Please email me to discuss the details.

[DR – Thanks for the vote of confidence and I will pass your suggestion on. I will contact you privately.]

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