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Adobe Story needs your help – Multi-column scripts

In case you haven’t heard, Adobe Story is an interesting combination of a creative script writing tool and as a production assistant through its handling of metadata.  Check it out: Adobe Story

Well, it turns out we could use your help.  Right now the Adobe Story team is looking for examples of multi-column scripts – something very common in broadcast TV I believe but not in film making.  If you’ve got real-world multi-column scripts and feel comfortable about letting us have a look at them (we don’t share this stuff externally), we would be very grateful.  Post a comment with your email address and I’ll reach out to you.  Thanks in advance!



Hi, when will we see tesla supported cards?

[DR – Fermi based cards are going to be supported with Premiere Pro 5.02 which will be out soon.]


I forgot to previously ask:

– Will there be/is there C4/C5 support for:
1. Quadro 5600/5800?
2. tesla/fermi multiple boards in (for example) an Asus P6T7 WS motherboard (P6T7 includes (2) NF200)?


[DR – we will not be supporting multiple cards.]



I forgot to previously ask:

– Will there be/is there C4/C5 support for:
Quadro 5600/5800?

– Will there

[DR – I guess you’re asking for CS4 and CS5 support?

We support Quadro cards in general, but outside of the cards mentioned in my blog entry, we haven’t commented on what will be officially supported.]

Will Adobe C5 support the Nvidia Tesla and/or Fermi GPUs?

[DR – Hi Lee. Long time… We will support select next generation nvidia GPU’s as they become available.]

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