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Ideas for future Adobe Beginner Classes?

Hi all,

I like to put it out there that I’m always open to new ideas or suggestions for tutorials.  While I don’t always get around to doing them all, getting the input is very important to me.  Honestly, the blog and the Adobe TV show are simply ways for me to respond to you, our valuable customers.

So, I’ve been thinking more about visual fx recently and was thinking about a couple of minor VFX that would be instructive.  I’ve also noodled with the idea of doing a real beginner’s approach to all that is Photoshop.  Lastly, I’ve mapped out a ‘write on’ tutorial that shows you how to do cursive text being written on.  However, I may have done that one already – I have to actually check!

How do those ideas sound?  What would your suggestions be?

Finally, I’ve got ABC episode #32 all loaded up, but for some reason it’s not going live on the website.  I’ve sent an email and I hope to have it resolved later this week.  I’ll post the project files later as well.



I was excited to see you use Camtasia. I have tried Adobe support on this issue, but because my videos originated in Camtasia, they say they can’t help. Can you?

My end result desire is simply to have a menu system where the links play video. And that the videos have controls for pause/rewind/etc.

I have tried many combinations of video types and RoboHelp output formats and can’t seem to get this to work as expected. In a CHM, I get videos to play but no controls. In a Flash Help, I get controls but not in most browsers.

What formats work well together? As you know, I can build most video formats, such as MP4 or AVI, and any of RoboHelps outputs. It seems that this has to have been done before – a menu of tutorial videos. HELP!

[DR – Cheryl, the easiest way for me to help you in this case is to head over to the Adobe Premiere Pro forum and ask the community there. Or, if you like, you can private message me there and I will try to respond.

From my read of your comment, I would say that you should do your basic authoring in Camtasia and then export a finished video product for you to author in RoboHelp or whatever final interactive tool you need to use. From Camtasia, you can export a variety of codecs. You might need to research which one is going to work best for you, but again a forum visit might help you here.

Hope this helps.]

Hi D,

I’m not sure if this is happening to anyone else, but your video podcasts are hash.
The audio is good, but the video is broken up.
All other podcasts are fine, except for Adobe Beginner Classes.

iTunes 9.0.3 (15)
Mac OS X 10.5.8
PowerBook G4 2 Gig RAM
QuickTime 7.6.4 (518.35)


[DR – Hey James – I just pulled down the last one I posted and it played fine on my laptop. I’d appreciate it if you could try again and/or if there are any others here reading this if they could double check.]

I really love your tutorials on After Effects, and they’ve opened a new dimension for me on how to create cool effects.I wouldn’t mind to learn more about 3D layers/objects in AE or other programs as well.

[DR – Well, I can’t comment too much on other 3d programs (outside of Adobe) but I’ll certainly continue to do a little 3D goodness in my tutorials. If you have anything specific, please let me know. Otherwise, I’ll consider a AE 3D 101 tutorial in some future episode…]

Honestly I think there are boat loads of beginner tutorials available on the web already, what a lot of folks could really use are ADVANCED tutorials. Imagine a user who has been using CS for a few years but is ‘stuck’ at doing the day-to-day stuff.
At that point a lot of us don’t have the time to experiment around. A good tutorial from you would be amazingly helpful.
Think morphing text/symbols, or advanced color correcting, or blemish/spot correction in movie files.
You have this great ability to make even complex subjects palatable so I’d love to see you do some more of that and I know many others would too.

[DR – Some of the ideas you point out here would be good for tutorials. I do want to emphasize that my focus has been more around beginner style concepts and I’ll be the first one to point you to people that are better and more advanced than myself. Thanks for the suggestions – I’ll definitely take a look at them.]

Feel free not to post this comment if you want… or just delete this line 🙂

I was thinking a great tutorial idea would be “how you make you tutorials”

I am about to take parental leave from my school and am in the process of making some tutorials of all the things I do around here. Everything from adding users on our server to changing rolls of laminate. When I started thinking… video is better!

Of all the tutorials I have watched yours, IMHO, are top dog. I would love to see the whole process from start to finish.

[DR – Thanks Craig! Well, honestly, the process is pretty simple. I use Camtasia mostly (but plan on doing some more screenflow 2.0 for Mac) and do my capture screen capture. I always have an outline of what I’m doing so it’s ultimately one complete take.

You’d think I use Premiere Pro to do the editing, but while I like that approach, I have to be as quick and efficient as possible about this, so I end up doing all of the editing directly within the programs I mentioned. The opening animation has been converted to a codec Camtasia understands and I add the zoom’s and captions directly within the programs. The audio is done with a microphone through a mixer directly into the PC. since I have a background in audio, I think the quality is usually pretty good.

That’s about it really. Let me know if you have any other questions and thanks again for the kind words.]

I think I would be interested in the SOUND end of the suite. Understanding the differences between soundbooth and audition would be a good start. My favorite tutorial videos (for beginners) usually have the building blocks of a skill building. For example, the best book I read about photoshop had an entire chapter on SELECTION. It went through several scenarios and at the end gave a quick “quiz” on the use of the methods.

Just a thought!

[DR – Thanks for the suggestions on audio. I will definitely consider it. BTW – I’m a big believer in the selection tools being the foundation of PSD knowledge.]

Thank you for all you work. I am new(ish) to Adobe Creative Suite. I am running CS2 now but we are getting CS4 very soon.

I do have a question, and I can not find the answer anywhere. What program do you use for you screen captures (recording)?

I look forward to your next video.

[DR – thanks Craig.

I use Camtasia for the PC and ScreenFlow for the Mac. Both are excellent.]

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