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NAB is around the corner – will you be there?

NAB is one of the major events on the calendar year for a fellow such as I.  As I like to be in touch with as many people as possible, NAB is a great opportunity to connect with users around the world.  This year, I do not have any booth duty but will be in and out of the booth throughout. 


If you’re interested in saying ‘hi’ or introducing yourself, I hope you’ll do so. There will be a lot of events that myself and other Adobe folks will be at, so check out the NAB and Adobe sites! I know that I’ll be at the Intel booth doing a short presentations most days on CS5 and CPU power (I have a pretty sick[!] system in my office right now!) and there are also theater presentations during the first three days of the show that I’ll be at (around 2PM).  In addition, there will be a WEVA event on Monday evening, the RED event and others. 

I hope to see you there.


Hi Dennis:

I searched for info on the WEVA event and couldn’t find any info. Can you share any?

[DR – check out http://www.weva.com/openhouse2010/ ]

I’ll be there, and I’m REALLY looking forward to hearing (and seeing) all the CS5 info. I’ll say hi if I see you!

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