The changing landscape of CS5 for Broadcast (part 2)

As I spoke previously, the landscape of broadcast has been changing.  That perfect storm of change is forcing broadcasters to think differently about the how’s and why’s to get media out.  As a recap, here are several of the issues facing media outlets today:

  • Moved from analog to digital
  • From standard definition to high
    definition (two flavors, not one by the way).
  • We’ve gone from a couple of formats
    (betacam and DV) to an ever growing list of formats.
  • The world has gotten even more media
    saturated meaning that content has to be even better.
  • Broadcasters don’t worry about one
    screen (TV), they worry about three (TV, online, mobile)
  • The world has moved from tape based
    (remember those?) to file-based formats.
  • And oh, by the way, we’ve had an
    incredibly challenging economy that means capital expenditures
    (improving your equipment) have been difficult to say the least.

For this second of two parts, I will offer up some feedback that I’ve gotten from media executives around some of these challenges and how CS5 is addressing their needs. 


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CS5 buzz, events, ABC episodes


This is your smorgasborg kind of entry as I’m on the run and under the gun to get things done.  Ooh, did that sound as bad as it reads?  Read on if you’d like some more random information and literary punishment…

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