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CS5 buzz, events, ABC episodes


This is your smorgasborg kind of entry as I’m on the run and under the gun to get things done.  Ooh, did that sound as bad as it reads?  Read on if you’d like some more random information and literary punishment…

First off, there have been some cursory reviews of Premiere Pro CS5 as well as many of the other tools of Production Premium. While I’ve faithfully tweeted them, I thought I would put some of them together in a quick blog post.

Premiere Pro CS5 reviewed by B&H

Computer World reviews several products including Premiere Pro

Videomaker reviews Production Premium

Jan Ozer’s review of Premiere Pro CS5

There are several more reviews around and I may choose to publish another bunch in the near future.  For the time being though, this should keep you busy.

On the ABC (Adobe Beginner Classes) front, I’ve taken a fairly long sabbatical due to work with Broadcasters, preparing for CS5 and of course the recent NAB show.  Unfortunately, the status of ABC isn’t going to change immediately as travel is going to prevent me from diving in, but I’m in the process of turning the system over to CS5, updating my screen capture software and thinking up topics to do episodes on.  As with CS4, one of the first things I hope to do is do my own top 10 features of After Effects and Premiere Pro.  These aren’t necessarily the same as Adobe’s top features – I try to give the perspective of a user and so they tend to be different.

As a reminder, ABC is also available as a podcast and on Vimeo


Can CS5 Premiere read the timecode of a clip and an audio file, syncing double system sound automatically? That would really be a time saver on the narrative shows that need better audio recording.

[DR – Good question. Premiere Pro can see the timecode of the video and plays the audio of BWF, but we do not have a way to link them efficiently yet. You should look at Pluraleyes which has just announced support for Premiere Pro CS5. They will give you the features you want. Check this link out: http://www.singularsoftware.com/pressreleases.html

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