Audition is back and now on the Mac!

Adobe Audition is back and now it will be available on a Mac!  That’s great news and we wanted to share this information with you. 

To get more information and sign up for a beta check out this link  Read on and get my take on what is unique about Adobe Audition.

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Adobe Story survey

The Adobe Story team is looking for information on how you use the product (or if you use it).  The Story team, like many others, takes these responses into account as they design and implement future versions.  It’s a small way that you can help steer the future of the product and we’d like your input.  We’d like it so much that we’re giving away a copy of Production Premium CS5 to one lucky person who fills out the survey. 

Perhaps another way to title this blog entry is. “Who wants to win a free copy of Production Premium?”

Click here to take the survey and thanks!

Collecting Premiere Pro resources for you

For several years Todd Kopriva has been a terrific resource at collecting resources, tutorials, etc. for After Effects.  Well, now he’s doing it for Premiere Pro too and we would love for you to submit things that you’ve found useful for Premiere Pro.  Simply click on this link and you’ll see that he includes his email address within and you can mail him directly with information that would be useful to Premiere Pro users all around the world.  Much of this kind of content will show up in the Premiere Pro live Help section, so the more that’s there, the better it will be!


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