fxphd is now teaching Premiere Pro

When you talk about training, I’m very happy to say that there is vast universe of training available for all things Adobe – from free to paid, from online to DVD and everything in between.  That’s obviously great for users and potential users. 

One of the sites that I really appreciate is  Their focus has been about advanced training and focusing on things that you wouldn’t normally find elsewhere.  Lets face it, there is a lot of focus on certain products or certain techniques, but fxphd has generally tried to carve out a niche with advanced topics and a college semester approach. 

Among the very best Premiere Pro editors around is Tim Kolb. In addition to being a former Creative Cow contributor, he has been a long time Premiere Pro user who really knows the product and has helped the community with training from Class on Demand and online via the forums.  Tim has lent his expertise to fxphd and is now teaching Premiere Pro on the site. 

So, if you’re ready to take your editing to the next level or find out what the hub bub is about Premiere Pro CS5, then you might consider a small investment in taking the course that is being taught now.

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