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Blogging and tutorializing again

Like everyone else, I’ve started a blog, gotten into a blog, regularly contributed to a blog, added to the blog, expanded the blog, touted the blog and ultimately…forgotten the blog.

Actually, I never forgot about it and I’ve put in entries now and again, but working for Adobe, you’ve got to focus on what’s most important and sadly, though I love it, the blog languished and the petals fell off of the blossom.Well, I’m not out of the woods yet and I can’t remember ever being more busy than I am right now.  HOWEVER… I am resolved to get back into the blog.

Why?  Simply put – you.  Many of you have commented and taken the time to tell me that you’ve gotten something out of it, or asked a question or whatever.  Helping people is one of the most rewarding things that I can do for Adobe and while I’m not perfect at it (or even consistent), I’m glad to be getting back into this.


In addition to getting back into the groove, connecting Contribute to the blog, learning how to use Omniture, etc., there’s the idea of content.  What do you want?

Really – what do you want from this blog?  What do you want from Adobe Beginner Classes on Adobe TV?

One of the things I’m going to be doing is some informal and probably biased reviews of some gear.  You can see that there’s a new category called Reviews.  I’m planning on doing some reviews of the equipment I get to play with and pass on some of my off beat thoughts and comments.

Anyway, you get the idea.  So I hope that you’ll comment here, post something on Twitter (@TheGenesisProj) or do some sky writing in a piper cub in whichever city I’m visiting.  Okay, maybe the last one is tough, but I’d be impressed!

Let me know and as always, thanks for your support.



It would be good if, in addition to the tutorials and other things that you are considering, you occasionally feature some interesting projects that have been done with Premiere. You could feature projects that have been both inside and outside of Adobe – some detail would be appreciated rather than something superficial such as “Acme Corp. uses Premiere CS5”. The objective of the blog, in these cases, should be provide novel ways to use Premiere, ways that Premiere can foster creativity, or whatever you choose to focus on.

I need help currently with audio editing multi-cam nested sequences. I have and use pluraleyes but it does some funky things with the audio controls. Such as taking away the clip volume band and only allowing track volume to be adjusted. Other wierd things too but generaly I think I will figure out more as my learning curve is less curvy.
By the way great seeing you again at WEVA. I still haven’t recieved something specific (wink) from you. Probably due to all your recent travel. Looking forward to it and safe travels.
BTW is your email address not listed on purpose?


Like to see tutorials/workflows in adobe premiere CS5.0.2 with AJA Exena LHi card.


I’d kind of like something you may not be able to post – future news about Adobe’s plans. Are they working on replacing the proprietary CUDA acceleration with the less limiting OpenCL acceleration? Are there any plans to add easy subclip generation for RED users shooting sound separately? What kind of networking abilities are planned for future version of Premiere? Is background rendering or render farm capabilities even on the table for CS6, or will be have to wait for CS10?

I understand exact timeline prediction may not be possible, bot some hint as to what kind of priorities Adobe has for Premiere would be very helpful.

[DR – alas, commenting on the future outside of officially sanctioned communications is not possible for me. Truly I wish I could! I will say that double system sound is something that we see as not going away and also mention that Pluraleyes is available for Premiere Pro today.

My opinion on CUDA vs. OpenCL is a complex one. We can either re-do the work done for CS5 and make it OpenCL or we can continue to innovate on CUDA which will likely always be ahead of OpenCL simply because nvidia doesn’t have to have something voted on in a committee. Simply put, my choice is to continue to innovate. Time will tell though what the smart people decide.

Sorry we can’t be more transparent about what we’re working on, but look at it this way – we’re clearly much more open about our plans and directions than certain other companies! 😉 ]

I wish more in depth information on productive editing workflows in adobe premiere. How to edit a (file based) project from start to finish. From gathering and organzing folders, collect and edit efficiently into the timeline, keeping track of different versions/cuts, best editing practices, most common keyboard shortcuts etc. Would be great!

The world needs more OnLocation, Encore, Soundbooth, and Audition tutorials. Not necessarily in that order.

[DR – Ah, but After Effects, Photoshop and Premiere Pro are so much fun! You bring up a good point and given my focus, it’s probably not a bad thing to try and do some tutorials on these products. Thanks for the input Todd – feel free to email me any specific ideas based on your daily gig.]

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