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Adobe Beginner Classes and Genesis Project update

While a blog can be ephemeral and doubtless most blogs do not have regular readers, I wanted nevertheless to post a quick update on my progress and against my promises to get back into blogging and creating some beginner level tutorials.
With the blog, it’s been ported to the new system and I’m able to enter blog entries (duh!).  I’m working to get all of the analytics and social networking and auto-linking done by a friend who is a web guru.  One of the goals here would be to automatically have a new blog post automatically posted to twitter.  Ditto for a Adobe TV episode. I’ve got some questions regarding Vimeo and podcasts on iTunes, but I figure it will get done.

Adobe recently purchased Omniture and so our analytics and SEO (search engine optimization) are all being done via Omniture.  It took me a bit to set it up, but my analytics dashboard is looking good.

As for Adobe Beginner Classes episodes, I’ve spent my spare time setting up my new rig (an HP Z800) to be my Adobe TV box.  I updated to Camtasia Studio 7 (sorry, no Captivate yet and I’m just used to Camtasia now) and determining how new episodes will look and debugging Camtasia.  I’ve got one nasty bug with them currently that crashes the program on exit.

Test recordings are done and it looks like I will be departing from my expansive 1920×1200 screen and making it more modest and readable at 1280×720 so that whatever way you consume the media, it will be viewable and useful.  My only wish is that LCD monitors would neatly display resolutions other than their native one!

The first episode will be a conclusion to my last one (done nearly a year ago! aiya!) and wrapping up a basic Encore tutorial on how to create a new menu with Photoshop.  The new one will show the basic concepts for creating your navigation and then a quick dip into After Effects for ideas on how to animate the menu for a more professional look.

Other than that, I have some suggestions from my previous blog post that was also put on ProVideoCoalition and a whole page of ideas with mini-series of tuts along with a bunch of other fun goodies.  I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Back to work,



To automatically tweet your blog posts you can use Twitterfeed.com . Works well.
About the monitor resolution, have you tried changing the scale settings on your monitor or the graphic driver software?

[DR – Thanks, I’ll be looking into ways to post blogs to twitter automatically. For the monitor setting, I’ve decided to limit my screen capture area to 1600×900 and then deliver at 1280×720. My first new episode is up – it’s #35.]

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