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Adobe Beginner Classes Episode #35 is live! (and has been for a while)

Well, I’ve pontificated about the ongoing work of the blog revamp and all of that.  Well, I’ve also been working on tutorials and so now the two have collided, I think.…When last we saw our intrepid tutorializer, he was busy trying to finish an episode on animating an Encore menu inside of After Effects…  Well, nearly a year later (10 months to be exact) I’ve finally come back to finish what I’ve started.  The fruit of that labor is below:

One of the coolest things about this episode after the long hiatus is that it is now HD. Most likely you will see the stream as MED for medium when you view it at Adobe TV. You can change it to HD and it’s at 2MB/s or so. Sweet! Here’s the link: ABC Episode 35

You can also check out the same thing at Vimeo.

Let me know what you think – I’ve already got a few more in the pipeline as a kind of mental catch up…



Nice tutorial to get up and running quickly!

Helpful to build your first project – but where can we look for troubleshooting help when Encore decides to not open your finished projects anymore and you have to start all over?

Frustrated in Ojai

[DR – Hi Jeff. I think the easiest thing is to trash your prefs. On Windows it is your documents folder>AppData (which is hidden)… then Roaming/Adobe/Adobe Encore. Take the 5.0 folder you find there and drag it to your desktop when you launch Encore again, it will create a new folder of prefs.

On Mac it’s user folder>Library>Preferences>Adobe>Adobe Encore>5.0.

Hope this helps.]

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